The Paradox of Happiness

The New
Disease of Society

The New Disease of Society

Today, happiness is ever-present in our cultural conversation and often at the forefront of our minds. People’s lives these days revolve around trying to be happy and advice on how to be happy is everywhere.

Completed as part of Final year project. The Paradox of Happiness is a research project and an observation about our modern-day society and the increasing pressures we face today (at least in western word) to be happy.

The mission was to go against the premise of self-help books. It communicates a different message, one that encourages the readers to put their personal happiness aside in search for meaning.

The book is an exploration of experimental typography. Derived from the challenging and unpredictable nature of life, the design forces the reader to work for their information by re-orienting the book between pages and paragraphs, creating a unique engaging reading experience.


Art Direction

Front and back book cover design

The tone of voice is reflected in the visual direction, it is provocative, blunt & accusatory. The monochromatic design evokes a dark and dystopian feeling.

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