A multifaceted designer passionate about immersive experiences & impactful design. I've worked on a broad scope of projects for a variety of agencies and clients. Specializing in areas such as brand development, graphic design,  and web development.

I've collaborated with business owners, start-ups, SMEs, marketing teams and talented creatives to craft experiences that are meaningful that can enrich day-to-day moments. A discipline going beyond aesthetics, but by building a deep empathy with the people you’re designing for and tailoring an approach to meet specific needs.


Creative Direction

Identity Design

UX/UI Design

Responsive development

Video Production


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PV Generation

PVG delivers affordable high-quality pv to Ireland. Converting Irish homes and businesses to provide renewable technology. I worked with PVG at a crucial time when the company was growing and needing to re-position themselves in the market.
The goal of the design was to strip down the essence of the brand to its core elements. Simplifying the logo mark to a unique symbol that clearly communicates the services they provide to potential consumers, familiar but distinctive. The unbroken circle also emphasizes renewability with the rays of energy emanating. The use of bright and bold colours combined with a dynamic visual language ties together ideas of movement, energy and flow. Creating a recognizeable & contemporary brand that aligns with its forward thinking values.

PV Generation

Identity Design