A multifaceted designer passionate about immersive experiences & impactful design. I've worked on a broad scope of projects for a variety of agencies and clients. Specializing in areas such as brand development, graphic design,  and web development.

I've collaborated with business owners, start-ups, SMEs, marketing teams and talented creatives to craft experiences that are meaningful that can enrich day-to-day moments. A discipline going beyond aesthetics, but by building a deep empathy with the people you’re designing for and tailoring an approach to meet specific needs.


Creative Direction

Identity Design

UX/UI Design

Responsive development

Video Production


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Paradox of Happiness

Western society no longer see wealth as the ultimate marker of success, but rather happiness. Being constantly sold to us, rather shoved down our throats. Everyone is trying to be happy, and it’s making us miserable. This project is a response to that, with the argument that the preoccupation with happiness may actually be making us unhappy.

The book is an exploration of experimental typography. Derived from the challenging and unpredictable nature of life, it’s designed to make the reader work for the information by re-orienting the book between pages and paragraphs, creating a unique engaging reading experience.The accompanying booklet is a compilation of peoples perspectives of the meaning of existence from walks of life and ages.

Séan ó Muiri

Editorial, Exhibition