A multifaceted designer passionate about immersive experiences & impactful design. I've worked on a broad scope of projects for a variety of agencies and clients. Specializing in areas such as brand development, graphic design,  and web development.

I've collaborated with business owners, start-ups, SMEs, marketing teams and talented creatives to craft experiences that are meaningful that can enrich day-to-day moments. A discipline going beyond aesthetics, but by building a deep empathy with the people you’re designing for and tailoring an approach to meet specific needs.


Creative Direction

Identity Design

UX/UI Design

Responsive development

Video Production


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Bella lock

A new brand identity design and website to showcase an innovative product concept developed with a new patented passive door entry technology. The bella lock was created for the new ways we live and work. Designed to simplify door entry without compromising security.

Touch to access

Page & layout design
Web development